Choosing the right Mediator

If you’ve decided to use Mediation you are already on a great path. Now you have to choose the right Mediator for you and your situation. Here are few tips for finding the right Mediator for you. Step One: Search for the topic of your particular dispute on a site such as Google and be specific. For […]

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3 Easy Ways to Get Grounded!

Why get grounded? Sometimes we feel disconnected, out of touch or lost. As a result we need ways to shake that feeling. Here are 3 easy ways you can get grounded today! 1) Kick your shoes off! Start simply. Go put those feet in the dirt or grass. The result is a free and easy grounding. Now get walking. Even a […]

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Getting Grounded, Part 1

As kids, we dreaded the thought of getting grounded. Now, as adults we need to learn to recapture those words for good Let’s explore the idea of getting grounded as adults. There are so many ways to do it and so many things we can gain from it! In order to give it the proper […]

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Court Snow Days? What to know about Court closings.

If you have a court date during the winter months you may be wondering, “does the court have snow days?” The short answer is “Yes, they do!” Though they are rare, the courts in Connecticut do, on occasion, have court snow days due to severe weather. Do you have a divorce case or other family […]

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Divorce Lawyer & Mediator – Working for you.

Choosing to bring in a Mediator even if you and your spouse each have your own Divorce Lawyer can save you from the cost and stress of a trial. Divorce Lawyers and Mediators – How they can work together for you. Let’s say that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are looking into divorce. One of […]

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Organizing a Post Divorce Family in the New Year

New Year, new ways to Organize!! Sometimes organizing a post divorce family schedule can be a real challenge! Here are some tips and resources to make post divorce life a little easier on you and your kids. Getting everyone on the same page: No matter how good your intentions are, if you aren’t communicating about […]

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Getting Married? Why choosing a Mediator as your Wedding Planner makes sense!

Why does choosing a Mediator as your Wedding Planner make sense, you may ask? A Wedding Planner is a person who helps you plan, stay within budget and make good decisions about the kind of day you and your spouse-to-be will always remember. Here are 3 reasons you may want to choose a Mediator to […]

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Mediation – for those one or two issues you just can’t crack!

Mediation can be a great option for families going through a divorce, probating of a loved one’s estate but it isn’t the right fit for everyone.  Sometimes trust has broken down. Sometimes parties feel more comfortable having someone representing their own interests. Often those cases end up in a trial where a Judge decides the fate of their family’s future, not […]

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5 Ways to Press The Reset Button

Stressful situations are part of all of our lives. Sometimes we make the stressful times more challenging by forgetting to care for ourselves. Pressing the reset button is a great tool to ensure we keep a level head during life’s challenging times. There are many ways, simple to elaborate, to press the button! Here are 5 […]

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Taking Advantage of Facebook’s “Legacy Contact” Feature to Grant Digital Access to your Family or Guardian

It today’s social media-rich world, Facebook is keeping up with arising issues. One of the biggest topics in Estate Planning is getting access to a loved one’s online accounts. Facebook now allows its users to pick a “legacy contact.” A legacy contact is someone who can access and convert your Facebook page if something happens […]

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