Taking Advantage of Facebook’s “Legacy Contact” Feature to Grant Digital Access to your Family or Guardian

It today’s social media-rich world, Facebook is keeping up with arising issues. One of the biggest topics in Estate Planning is getting access to a loved one’s online accounts. Facebook now allows its users to pick a “legacy contact.” A legacy contact is someone who can access and convert your Facebook page if something happens to you.We strongly encourage our friends and clients to take advantage this feature.

It’s also a great idea to update your existing Will with a technology or digital access clause if you don’t already have one. Without such a clause, those left behind likely won’t have access to email or social media accounts. How many of us have opted out of paper billing and banking statements? If your family can’t access your email they may have a very difficult time handling things after you’re gone.

In an effort to address this all-too-common issue, a new bill was recently passed in Connecticut ( https://www.cga.ct.gov/2015/TOB/S/2015SB-00979-R01-SB.htm ) which grants digital access to Fiduciaries in our State, however depending on the “Terms of Agreement” for different accounts, having the additional approval in your Will may save your loved ones time and stress when trying to access out of state account information.

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