3 Easy Ways to Get Grounded!

Why get grounded?

Sometimes we feel disconnected, out of touch or lost. As a result we need ways to shake that feeling.

Here are 3 easy ways you can get grounded today!

1) Kick your shoes off!

Start simply. Go put those feet in the dirt or grass. The result is a free and easy grounding. Now get walking. Even a trip out to get the mail in your bare feet and you’ll notice an immediate sense of connection. First, is your balance different? Next, can you feel grass moving between your toes? Finally, how does the temperature feel coming through the arch of your foot? Let those feelings buzz through you.

2) Dig it!

Next, are an avid gardener? Do you actually have a black thumb? Either way the action of digging in soil (or better yet, the actual earth) has a way of taking stress down a notch. How does the soil feel? Does it have a certain smell? What can you make with it?

In addition try planting something. As a result you you can watch your grounding produce a result! Flowers and veggies do well this time of year. Don’t have a yard? Want something with very low maintenance? Try planting chives! You can snip them as you need them. Chives keep producing for months. They even return every year!

3) Soak up the sun!

Want a fast, easy way to brighten your day? Get grounded by looking to the sky! Slather on your SPF, don some shades and turn your face to the sunlight. How do the warm rays feel? Can you feel you cheeks flushing? Is there a breeze?

If you work in a building try sitting in a sunny window rather than eating in the breakroom. If you have time, find a bench outside on your break. Did you know most of us are Vitamin D deficient?  Sunlight is free and can boost your vitamin D levels. Let go of your troubles for a moment. Mindfully feel it’s warmth and brightness wash over you.

Pay close attention to how each experience feels.

Getting grounded is about more than just connecting with the earth. It is about focusing in on what you are actually doing at that very moment. 

In conclusion, getting lost in the sensations of the grass, the dirt or the sunlight is key. It means we are turning off the stress of everything else (even if it’s only for a moment.) Over time, finding ways to get grounded gets easier.  Consequently we become more comfortable allowing ourselves to enjoy the tiny breaks. Those moments rejuvenate us and keep us going!

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