Choosing the right Mediator

If you’ve decided to use Mediation you are already on a great path. Now you have to choose the right Mediator for you and your situation. Here are few tips for finding the right Mediator for you.

Step One:

Search for the topic of your particular dispute on a site such as Google and be specific. For example, if you are getting a divorce start by searching “divorce mediation” or if you’re having a dispute with a neighbor or potential new business search for “community mediation.”

While that may sound like a given, searching only for “mediation” may leave you sorting through a sea of Mediators that don’t specialize in that particular field of work. Just like Doctors or Teachers, we all have areas of expertise.

Step Two:

Once you’ve found a few Mediators in your area, check their reviews. Finding out how others felt about the service they received from a particular Mediator can help you not only see the quality of their work, but can be a good indication of how frequently they actual practice Mediation.

Many businesses (law offices, therapy offices and even accounting firms) often advertise mediation as one of their services. Often times this only means they occasionally do mediations. Mediation is much different from other forms of dispute resolution and as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” You want a Mediator whose main focus is just that so their skills are sharp.

Step Three:

Make an appointment to meet your perspective Mediator. This is by far the most important step! In order for you to have a successful mediation each party must feel comfortable with the Mediator that is selected. Some things to ask yourself when you meet them:

Do I feel comfortable with this person?

Do I feel this person can be fair and unbiased?

Do I feel this person is confident enough in their skills to handle trouble should it arise?

If the answer to these three key questions is “yes,” then you have just found the person to handle the job!

Here at The Guidance Office we strive to make all of our clients feel comfortable. Part of a good mediation is feeling able to be open and honest about the issues you are seeking to resolve. Being fair and unbiased is a key part of that goal. Everyone has feelings and opinions on just about everything. Our job is to put our personal feelings and opinions aside and greet every mediation with a clean, open slate. Part of what enables us to do this so effectively is that we mediate every single day. Our business is Mediation and we work diligently to practice our craft and bring each and every client the best experience and outcome possible.



Home visits may be arranged for clients with physical limitations.


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