Court Snow Days? What to know about Court closings.

If you have a court date during the winter months you may be wondering, “does the court have snow days?” The short answer is “Yes, they do!”

Though they are rare, the courts in Connecticut do, on occasion, have court snow days due to severe weather. Do you have a divorce case or other family matter scheduled this winter? if you do, here’s what you need to know.

The weather forecast for my court date looks pretty bad…

If you are preparing for a court date and see the weather forecast looks like the weather might be bad here’s a few things to remember. If you have an Attorney handling your divorce or family matter, check with them first. If you can’t get in touch with your Attorney or you are self represented (Pro Se) don’t despair! The easiest way to see if the court will be closed is to go directly to the judicial website, You will typically find information on closings and alerts right on their main page.

Are there other ways to find out about Court snow days?

Yes! You can call the Clerk’s Office of the Court your case is scheduled to be heard at. Here are a few of the numbers to their offices:

  • Hartford Superior Court located at 90 Washington Street: 860-706-5100
  • Tolland Superior Court located at 69 Brooklyn Street in Rockville: 860-896-4920
  • Litchfield Superior Court located at 15 West Street: 860-567-0885
  • New Britain Superior Court located at 20 Franklin Square: 860-515-5180
  • For a full listing of locations and phone numbers please visit

The courts generally announce snow day closings on th following television stations:

They also frequently announce snow day closings on the following radio stations:

  • WICC 600 AM
  • WLAD AM 800
  • WLIS AM 1420
  • WMRD AM 1150
  • WILI AM 1400
  • WILI FM 98.3, 97.5
  • WINY AM 1350
  • WATR AM 1320
  • WICH AM 1310
  • WCTY FM 97.7
  • WNLC FM 98.7
  • WKNL FM 101

What if the court doesn’t have a snow day but I don’t feel safe driving in the snow?


While it is possible to ask the Court for a continuance but this can be time sensitive. Another thing to be aware of is that not appearing on your court date can be a huge problem! The last thing you want is for the Judge to think you are just a no-show.

If you really don’t feel safe driving the first call you need to make is to your Attorney. If you don’t have an Attorney or can’t get in touch with yours you need to call the court and speak with someone in the Clerk’s Office or in the Case Flow Office before you make any decisions.

The information contained in this article is not legal advice. The Guidance Office is a Mediation Firm, not a Law Firm. The information such as phone numbers and stations may change over time. Please check with your local court for the most up-to-date information.



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