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In the beginning…

Rebecca Olesen opened The Guidance Office in October of 2013. Since opening she has assisted hundreds of local families with their life changes. These changes include weddings, divorces, estate planning and probating the estates of loved ones. Rebecca is a mother of three and has a background in social services. The inspiration for opening her office came from her mentor, Attorney Richard O’Neil. She began working for him part time in 2001 and continued there for many years.

When Rebecca went through her own divorce she experienced many life changes of her own. It was at that time that she returned to Attorney O’Neil’s office as his lead Paralegal. She also began training intensively in Divorce Mediation. After more than 30 years in practice, Attorney O’Neil wanted to pass on his legacy. He realized he could do so by teaching Rebecca the art of Mediation which had been his focus for over 15 years.

Attorney O’Neil valued Mediation because it allowed his clients to experience the least stressful and most positive divorce for their families. Mediation allows both sides to feel positive about how they handled their separation. It also allowed them to continue working together as parents and often times as friends.

Rebecca quickly fell in love with the practice of Mediation and worked intensively to hone her skills in the field. Mediation appealed to her and worked well with her personality. She particularly loved how Mediation was such a positive solution for all types of families.

How things grew…

Rebecca soon began applying her Mediation skills to Estate Planning. She realized reaching peaceful solutions and making informed, family positive decisions wasn’t limited just to divorce. Often as families plan for their futures or have lost a loved one the same emotional challenges exist. Again, keeping the decision making in the hands of the individuals is of a great benefit to them.

After several years in business, a friend approached Rebecca asking if she would consider performing their marriage ceremony for her and her Husband-to-be. She did a little research and on July 30th, 2015 was inducted as a Justice of the Peace. She married the couple soon after. Although it seemed to some of her friends an odd move for a Divorce Mediator, she has embraced her position as a Justice of the Peace. She finds it is a natural fit to her skill set. Officiating weddings has proven to be a nice balance to her daily work of helping families find resolution for their various issues.

Rebecca has performed traditional, elaborate, private and home ceremonies. She has been blessed to been a part of several same-sex and military weddings as well. Rebecca most enjoys custom designing each ceremony to fit the couple’s personalities and traditions. This also allows her to use her scholarly background in literature, research and writing.

Why we are the right choice for you…

Rebecca prides herself on maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for everyone experiencing a life changing event. Rebecca also stays educated on the latest trends and rules in the various fields she specializes in. This assures her clients have the most up-to-date information and can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Rebecca strives to help every individual walk out of her office feeling a little more at peace and filled with a renewed sense of confidence. She is building better futures one family at a time.



Home visits may be arranged for clients with physical limitations.


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