Mediation – for those one or two issues you just can’t crack!

Mediation can be a great option for families going through a divorce, probating of a loved one’s estate but it isn’t the right fit for everyone.  Sometimes trust has broken down. Sometimes parties feel more comfortable having someone representing their own interests. Often those cases end up in a trial where a Judge decides the fate of their family’s future, not the parties themselves. If you want your own Attorney but also want to avoid the stress and expense of a lengthy trial, there is another way.

When parties are each represented by their own Attorney they can get many issues resolved without much difficulty. It’s the hard-to-crack ones that are stressful and expensive! Hiring an independent Mediation Consultant  can help resolve lingering issues. It can also mean the difference between weeks vs. months and $100’s vs. $1,000’s. Mediation Consultants work neutrally with all parties and their Attorneys in a fair and straightforward manner.

How does it work?

Through active listening, a knowledge of the subject matter and patience, a good Mediation Consultant help the parties create solutions to their issues. This process varies from case to case: some need only one session, others may require several. The Consultant’s job is to facilitate the conversation, not tell the parties what to do. They help everyone reach a solution they can live with.

What usually causes impasses?

Imbalance of power or raw, painful emotions are usually the culprit. A good Mediation Consultant will balance the power and guide the parties through the heat of the emotions so they can make good, solid decisions about the future of everyone involved. When the issues are resolved, the Mediation Consultant steps aside and the Attorneys finalize the agreement. They then assist the parties in getting final approval from Court, hence bypassing the need for  a stressful, lengthy trial.

Involved in a divorce, probate or other family case that just seem unresolvable? Why not ask your Attorney or the other party about retaining a Mediation Consultant? Why leave the fate of your future is in the hands of a Judge who knows very little about your family?  Mediating your hard-to-crack issues means you decide what goes into your final agreement and saves everyone involved a great deal of money and stress.



Home visits may be arranged for clients with physical limitations.


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