Getting Married? Why choosing a Mediator as your Wedding Planner makes sense!

Why does choosing a Mediator as your Wedding Planner make sense, you may ask?

A Wedding Planner is a person who helps you plan, stay within budget and make good decisions about the kind of day you and your spouse-to-be will always remember. Here are 3 reasons you may want to choose a Mediator to help you plan your perfect Wedding:

1) Reduce your Stress:

Weddings often include a lot of planning and financial commitment…with that comes stress. Mediators are very well practiced at helping people through trying situations.

2) Help with your Families:

It’s your day but our families often forget that. So you want a circus themed wedding? Perhaps you don’t want Aunt Paulie at the Head Table? Is your family is absolutely opposed to letting you decide? These sorts of things come up all the time when planning a wedding. Having a planner that can help you communicate your desires and wishes without causing a family style world war is invaluable!

3) Communication 101:

One of the things that makes a good Mediator is helping people learn to communicate with each other in a healthy, productive way. Learning how to communicate effectively with your spouse-to-be while planning your wedding is the perfect way to set your marriage up for success!

Who better to help a couple begin their journey together on the right foot than someone skilled helping people find great solutions? When you sit down to plan your day  there are things that you and your spouse-to-be may not have discussed. Will you have kids? Do you have similar financial aspirations? How much do you realistically have in your budget for your Wedding? These are great things to discuss before walking down the aisle. Doing so prevents fights down the road. Having a truly neutral party to help guide you through the process of planning your special day can help make it a more enjoyable and valuable process!

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