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Mediation – for those one or two issues you just can’t crack!

Mediation can be a great option for families going through a divorce, probating of a loved one's estate but it isn't the right fit for everyone.  Sometimes trust has broken down. Sometimes parties feel more comfortable having someone representing their own interests. Often those cases end up in a trial where a Judge decides the fate of their family's future, not the parties themselves. If you want your own Attorney but also want to avoid the stress and expense of a lengthy trial, there is another way. When parties are each represented by their own Attorney they can get many issues resolved without much difficulty. It's the hard-to-crack ones...Read More

5 Ways to Press The Reset Button

Stressful situations are part of all of our lives. Sometimes we make the stressful times more challenging by forgetting to care for ourselves. Pressing the reset button is a great tool to ensure we keep a level head during life's challenging times. There are many ways, simple to elaborate, to press the button! Here are 5 things to try the next time life is giving you a run for your money: 1) Make a daily moment for yourself. Enjoying a cup of coffee or tea (without tapping into electronics) before the rest of the house wakes up if your a morning...Read More

Taking Advantage of Facebook’s “Legacy Contact” Feature to Grant Digital Access to your Family or Guardian

It today's social media-rich world, Facebook is keeping up with arising issues. One of the biggest topics in Estate Planning is getting access to a loved one's online accounts. Facebook now allows its users to pick a "legacy contact." A legacy contact is someone who can access and convert your Facebook page if something happens to you.We strongly encourage our friends and clients to take advantage this feature. It's also a great idea to update your existing Will with a technology or digital access clause if you don't already have one. Without such a clause, those left behind likely won't...Read More