Estate Mediation

Estate planning is one of the most stressful responsibilities of a person’s life. When family strife is an issue, the process becomes even more overwhelming. By enlisting the help of an Estate Mediation Consultant, you can help ease the emotional issues involved. This makes the process easier than ever.

One of the best things you can do for your loved one is create a plan for after you are gone. Leaving others to handle the choices and make decisions about this time leaves families vulnerable to disputes. Unfortunately even the best laid plans can cause in-fighting. One way to avoid issues is to talk to your family about your intentions. This isn’t always easy. Estate Mediation can help. A Mediator is a neutral third party who helps people resolve disputes. They can also use their skills to help families discuss potentially difficult topics to avoid or lessen conflict down the road.

The Planning Puzzle

Not only must loved ones mourn your loss, they are also strapped with the burden of divvying up your possessions and managing your estate. What many people don’t realize is making the plan itself isn’t enough. Discussing it with your family is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Give them peace of mind.

Discussing your decisions with your family now saves future confusion, difficulty and disagreements. If you are creating a Will, Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney or you simply want to ensure your family’s peace of mind, Rebecca Olesen can help. Rebecca’s background in Social Services and Paralegal make her an informed and balanced in her Estate Mediations. She understands how difficult it can be to consider the end of your life. She can help you address both the emotional and practical issues related to estate planning. She can also help your family understand the decisions you have made.

Estate Mediation is personal and often times works best in a familiar environment. She also understands scheduling conflicts that exist when trying to gather the entire family together. To accommodate people she does offer both office hours and in home appointments. Whether you or your loved one lives at home, in Assisted Living or even in a Skilled Nursing Facility, she will travel to meet your needs. All rates are hourly and she works with families to keep the process affordable.